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Change a childs life less than $1 per day

Sponsor a child for $28 a month - Gives a deprived child education, nutrition, clothing, and medical care


I-India helps 3000 children every day. Over the years it has assisted tens of thousands, here are just five whose stories are typical of many others.

Giving a future to street children, Jaipur, India.  Improving lives.

Meena, 13:

Meena’s father was an alcoholic and her mother a prostitute. They forced her into sex work and beat her when she resisted. Meena ran away, only to be abused by several policemen. She traveled to Jaipur and was brought by a Child Line counsellor to the Ganga Girls Home. After a few months she settled in and now feels safe and comfortable. Meena goes to school and learns jewellery-making at Ladli. Her goal is to become “a good mother and wife who loves her children and family”.

Deepu, 17:

Deepu’s father was a heavy alcoholic and died by setting fire to himself while covered in kerosene. His disabled mother was destitute and unable to look after Deepu, and so asked a local School On Wheels teacher for support. Deepu was brought to Child Inn six years ago and has studied hard at school since then and has reached 9th Standard. He loves art and cricket. He is conscientious and wants to become a doctor.

Gita, 18:

Gita is mentally challenged. When first found by Child Line she had been repeatedly sexually abused and was in a disturbed state. She is now relaxed and happy and has learned to communicate through symbolic language. Gita lives in Ganga and attends Ladli where she has learned to make decorative birds from cloth material. She loves participating in this activity and also enjoys the dance classes. Gita has a home for life with I-India.

Pinkie, 17:

Pinkie is deaf and mute. Her parents were murdered and she survived only by fleeing via the rooftop. It is not known if her disability was caused by the shock. Pinkie now lives at Ganga and communicates through symbolic language. She enjoys cooking and puppet-making, but has truly blossomed since the Ladli vocational centre opened. She has an amazing gift for jewellery-making and the other girls look up to her.

Raju, 3:

Raju’s mother died in hospital from a critical illness. Since his father had already passed away and there was nobody else to look after him, the hospital contacted I-India and he was taken into one of our homes. Raju has been with us for one year and is doing very well.

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