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I-India’s mission is to provide care, love and development for children living on the streets of Jaipur.

We strive to help as many children as possible and focus on those in most urgent need.

We assist children with their immediate challenges, such as homelessness, malnutrition and illness, while also developing their attitudes and skills so they can make a better future for themselves.

We reach over 3000 children daily through our street schools, residential homes and vocational centres. We want to do more.

I-India is a fully registered, non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It was established in 1993 and employs a staff of eighty dedicated local people. Salaries are modest, the office is small, and we stretch our funds to maximise their impact. Unlike many other organisations, I-India has little savings, but spends what it gets.

The eleven-member Board is elected bi-annually and consists of doctors, professors, social workers and community members. Donors include Unicef, Finland and the Government of India.

I-India’s main activities are the provision of:
  • an information/advice help line for children in need
  • repatriation of children to their families
  • temporary and permanent homes
  • medical care and sanitation
  • nutrition
  • emotional support and counselling
  • education
  • vocational training
  • awareness, advocacy and research

The temporary homes, vocational centres and counselling services are recent additions to our services. We would like to expand our thriving vocational training program further, and build more homes. We are introducing a Monitoring and Evaluation process across all our programs in order to increase the quality and efficiency of our services. And we are increasing our fund-raising efforts in order that we may help as many street children as possible.

Our main programs are: