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A few hours can be spent in a home playing with the kids, or longer periods can be given to teaching crafts, English or dance. For those outside India, marketing the Ladli vocational centre’s jewellery or spreading the word about
I-India are some other effective ways to help.
I-India has a regular flow of foreign volunteers and is appreciative of any offer of time that benefits the children.    

Volunteer Testimonials (Recent):

A big “thank you” to I-India and all these very friendly and helpful people who joining this organisation, to give me the chance to become part of that wonderful community.

I enjoy it so much to spend time with these lively children. From the first moment I fell in love with them and now after having one week together, I don't want to leave now.

It's touching my emotional feeling in a very deep and impressive way to see how much attention, love and affection they give to me.

They see with the heart. Such a wonderful endowment that more and more people are getting to loose in this trashing and superficial world.

I' am deeply grateful for having this affectingly and extraordinary time.

It is a responsibility to give encouragement and help to these lovely kids, because they deserve it very heavily.