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I-India is operating two Temporary Homes (Open Shelters), one for 25 boys, the other for 25 girls. These homes operate in conjunction with the permanent homes of Child Inn and Ganga, respectively. The Temporary Homes now act as the first stop for homeless children rescued from the street. Here they can stay until we reunite them with their families, or until they find their feet during difficult times. If the children desire permanent shelter, then after a few months they move to Child Inn or Ganga. Should our temporary and permanent homes be completely full, the child will be referred to shelter homes run by other organisations.

Open Shelters cater to all children in need of care and protection particularly beggars, street and working children and any other vulnerable group of children. I-India is running two open shelters for both boys and girls. In year 2015-16, I-India's open shelter program has provided shelter to 211 boys and 50 girls. About 160 child labours also received care and protection at our boys opern shelter home.

The benefits of having new, separate Temporary Homes are:

  • the rapid turnover of temporary residents no longer unsettles the lives of permanent residents
  • children can be socialised, learn personal hygiene and stop damaging habits such as drug use before moving on to a permanent home
  • more children are given a home
  • a bridge is created between the street and other children’s organisations who may have spare capacity in their homes

The project is implemented under Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) of the Ministry of Women and Child Development of the Government of India and the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the, Government of Rajasthan.